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April 19, 2007



Outside of the tax realm, I've heard homeowners can get a discount on their insurance as well. If you're in a place that gets a pretty good hail storm every 2-3 years, the insurance company is paying to get that replaced. So, from what I understand, the durability of these roofs is one way to lower the old insurance premium.

Commercial Roof Repair

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I have added a link below that will take you to those requirements on the Energy Star website.

San Diego Roofing

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 allows for a tax credit for homeowners who install qualified energy-efficient improvements to an already existing home.

CT Roofing Contractors

You're right metal roofs can look quite stylish. I've known of some big box stores with metal roofs as well, like some Barnes and Noble stores.

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We recently had the same issue with our garage door. Hopefully I never have to do that once again, what a PITA to fix it was! My wife likes to park within the garage though so I had to get it fixed otherwise I would never hear the end of it. This was my very first time fixing a garage door but turns out that whilst it may seem intimidating, it's very easy. It's not difficult to find parts either; you can get them online or at most big hardware stores. Even mom and mom shops ought to have most components. I believe I only spend maybe 2 several hours tops working on that garage door. I could probably do it in half the time now that I know what I'm doing.

Metal Roofing

The tax credit idea is great. Here in Australia, there was a subsidy for installing solar panels that was worth thousands of dollars to individuals. It worked really well with LOTS of houses going solar. It would be good to have something similar for metal roofs here. We instal a lot of them, and though the initial cost it higher, they are great insulators and save money in the long run. Dinah - http://OrbitRoofing.com.au

Roofing Company

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Today, roofing continue its improvement. Aside using metal roofing, there are green roofing which are very eco-friendly, and helps avoid roof leaks. Thankfully, we have lots of choices for improving the needs of our home.


Metal roofing is a good deal, have more benefits and provide safety and durability for our house.Gulf Coast Supply is a leader in manufacturing metal roofing and components, serving all of Florida and Southern Georgia.


Louisa Sheedy

That's good to hear! For me, metal roofs are the most economical and most durable of all the kinds of roofing. When properly maintained, they can last a lifetime. And they are environmentally friendly because they are totally recyclable.

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Metal roofing can be a very attractive addition to any style of building. The fact that it qualifies for Energy Star products is just the added bonus.

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