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August 02, 2007



Quite interesting. I don't know about this one though. I've never ever gone on the road with an RV before but camped plenty of times. I couldn't see myself in one of those 'things' though although my children would probably be much more open to it than I am.

I guess this one is for the next generation :)

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John Assam

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These are great - something very German in their look and style - clean, simple, functional. I would camp in one of these. Would love to see more of the inside. :)

Pop Up Caravan

You can't really call that camping. Grab a tent or find a camper trailer for sale - now that is camping.

Tobias Thrash

I think it was more about the concept of the modular tents. Anyway, I also think this would be much preferred by today's generation. But it really is much fun if they are exposed to old-school camping; sleeping on earth, literally. Thanks for featuring these tents! It was still a good read.

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I love our house now and with two young girls I'm not about to live in an apartment again

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