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June 16, 2008


Pete Wann

I wonder if the "green building" community isn't doing itself a disservice by trying to push a modern design agenda on Greensburg.

I have watched the first couple of episodes of the TV show, and it's pretty clear that while I doubt the residents would object to green building just because it's green, they definitely need to be shown the benefits beyond "it's better!".

IMO, it would be easier to encourage green building trends in the US if we saw more examples of green built buildings that look more like the buildings we're all familiar and comfortable with.


I disagree with your last comment, it is obvious that buildings we are familiar and comfortable with are not sustainable. Also, it is much more educational to show the functioning of a sustainable building. Architects have a responsibility to this revolution of sustainability, I believe it should show in their structures.

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I've never seen anything of this kind. Though it seems unconventional and futuristic I'm not sure if it is comfortable.


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