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December 17, 2006


Tacoma Roofer

When I was working in Portland, Oregon, the city was paying people to disconnect their downspouts from the storm drain system and to put in green roofs. Portland gets like 50 inches of rain per year, so getting people to plant grass on their roofs and disconnecting from the city's storm drain system is a big step is managing runoff.

While Portland doesn't have the heat island effect that a big city like Frisco does, especially since they have less rain and way more trees, every city should start taking these types of steps, so that they can reduce, or slow down, these types of problems.


Spokane Builder

I know it sounds wrong, but I live in Spokane, so I'm OK with a little heat island effect, especially if I can get it in the wintertime. LOL

I'm just kidding. I never really thought about that before, except maybe unconsciously, like when I'm wandering downtown in the summer time and it's way hotter than it is at home just a couple of miles away. You think to yourself, "dang it's sure is cooler at home", but you never really think about the reason...

Thanks for pointing that out.

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