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June 07, 2007


Val D.

Does anyone know if there are developments like this in Illinois?


We are moving into our home in Agave at the end of next month. This development has created a "buzz" within Austin for many reasons...as you mentioned, it's "green built", the modern, cubistic, architectually exciting designs, but also because of the community...the excitement of all residents building a home in the community brought about a community blog where we all interact daily. It's an unusual neighborhood in that, although we have yet to move in, we've already shared happy hours, parties, evenings, and words with every neighbor. It brings a sense of community and commonality that brings together a neighborhood as though we bought into either a 1950s community, or a country club.

Thanks for highlighting a snippet of the community...it's truly exciting to be a part of it and watch it grow.

We look forward to closing and moving in on April 19th!

Alana and Alex


Thanks for the comment Alana. Glad to hear it is everything like we have heard...good luck moving in.

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