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June 24, 2007


John Brown, SlowHome Editor

I was unaware of this site until today - what a pleasant surprise to see a real estate site devoted to something more than return rates (not that there is anything wrong with return rates and such). It is a good complement to the slow home idea.

To clarify one of the comments from the blog, we don't necessarily advocate the end of large DIY stores - but we do promote the idea that our choices should not be limited to the products that they decide to sell. There are too many small,and not so small, producers and manufacturers of cool, innovative, environmentally appropriate products that are being squeezed out of business because they aren't on the big box list of suppliers. In many ways it is similar to what happened with apples. In America there used to be thousands of varieties of apples, each with their own flavor and character. The food production and distribution industries focused on a select few of these and made them available everywhere. The result was the near loss of the other varieties. Fortunately the slow food movement is helping to bring these other types of apples back. Variety and choice is important.

In terms of production builders, of course they will need to continue to exist. There is simply too much construction needed for things to devolve into individualized production. However, as with the fast food industry, we all need to start demanding more from these companies. Development should be seen as a privilege not a right and the places they make should be designed and made with care not cookie cutters.



Thanks for your comments and clarification...I agree with what you said above. Thanks for your insight. You make a good point with the apples...many people don't know what is out there or available because big retailers and cookie-cutter developments are all they know. I do think we need to hold retailers, builders, architects, bloggers, etc. accountable for making more information available and transparent. We are definitely getting there and it seems like Slow Home is helping the process along.

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