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July 14, 2007


Matthew Klein

Thank you for your article entitled "Tapping Water's Potential For Renewable Energy (Verdant Power)" published on 7.14.07. You are one of the few to get most all of the fact correct. I would add, in response to your regional commentary that 1) In addition to solar, Texas is the largest wind producing state in the US (bigger than CA). In addition, Verdant Power is planning a hydropower field project in the state of Texas quite soon. 2) San Francisco Bay has abundant tidal resources for free-flow hydropower. However, I would caution that what you may be hearing about development under the Golden Gate Bridge itself is a fantasy, at least for the forseeable future. 3) I admit that I don't know much about Utah, except that there are many rivers there, some I know are suitable for free-flow hydropower development (it is not just for tidal waters).

Thank you again.

Verdant Power



Thanks for the comment and for checking out Equity Green. I think you guys are doing some great things and it will be interesting to see how things evolve as you learn and experience growing wind turbine farms. I think as the technology and monitoring equipment advance and improve, we will really see some cool things with respect to wind turbines.

Faux Wood Blinds Gal

Enjoyed reading your post. We have seen a sudden increase in wind turbine farms in our area. Its great to see the green showing up every where:-)

Bassem Morris

A new invention of a wheel capable of extracting power from both of wind and wave forces with good operational output.

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Wonderful Writing Style The RITE project was a first on many levels for Verdant Power. They are the first to deliver electricity to end-use customers using water to generate energy, the first to install a water turbine field, and first to install a water turbine field that is connected to the grid. It's Quite Interesting And Informative as for me.

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