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July 24, 2007



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Our country is Embassy Energy LLC. We have to patents of great importance to clean energy one has been issued on the only tracking device that allows roof mounting of any manufacturer solar panel and increases its output by 45%. We have developed this with the University of northern Illinois.
We have another patent pending that will make possible the conversion of all 18 wheeler tractors to now burn a dual fuel mix of clean Bio Disel and 50% liquefied natural gas. Our patent application covers a mixing valve system that can retrofit every diesel engine to burn this combination of clean fuel and save up to $.50 a mile in fuel costs for over billion over the road trucks.
Our Sun Tracker patent with a new building system that has been approved by the University of Florida to withstand 200 mile hour winds, provides care assistance to 975° and is totally water proof inside and out. We are now capable of building fire water and hurricane resistant homes with no gas bill no fossil fuel used within the homes and totally eliminate the cost of electricity. With the enhanced solar systems. These homes have our value of 70 to 80..
the solar and geothermal systems we have are also usable to retrofit all existing homes and eliminate both fuel and electric cost.
We have arranged $400 million in loan guarantees and require a bank to participate
we also have the capability to build in three years a Bio Diesel processing plant which will produce one half billion gallons per year of clean bile diesel fuel.
We would like to contact a human being we can discuss our project with my telephone. My telephone number is 847-466-2221 if Wells Fargo is really interested in green technology I urge you to check out our patents


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The buildings are works of arts because they are part of the creation of ingenuity of man. The new designs that catch the attention of many by the structure, colour, and size. It´s amazing the talent that man has developed over time to build.


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Good initiative we need more green building projects to save the planet.

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Great material. Thanks for sharing, go clean and green campaign!

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