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October 05, 2007


M Laplante

It seems to house 35,000 people on roughly 1000 hectares. That's 35 people per hectare, or about 10 housing units per hectare. That means about 5 dwellings per acre. That's really low density.

The amount of energy that goes in building and using such a tall building goes up with height. Skyscrapers use up the most energy per resident. The laws of physics mean you need large amounts of extra energy to overcome gravity. Plus Tokyo is in an earthquake zone so you need even more steel and concrete to stop it falling and swaying up there.

Economics tells you the building owners have a captive audience whose life and consumption is controlled by their landlord.

If we do the math, I think we will find that vertical sprawl is even worse than the horizontal kind.


M Laplante,

I think you make some good points. Buildings are the greatest users of energy and with one this huge, you would definitely have a serious environmental footprint...thanks for the comment.

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I agree with Laplante, economics tells you the building owners have a captive audience whose life and consumption is controlled by their landlord.

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On the service side, I do think they'll manage the kinks on the kitchen side and get that down, but I'm not sure how they'll adjust the intangibles. How the wait is managed if the kitchen gets slammed; refilling the wine/water glasses promptly; not replacing wine glasses when a new bottle is opened (last two are my pet peeves).
The bar is someplace that one can drop in for good bites and a scotch at the bar--in your beach attire, I'm told.
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Nike Vandal

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I also agree with M Laplante. The reward just does not seem worth it. Especially for the U.S. Have you ever taken a drive from one city to another in the U.S.? There is plenty of room to grow here. Look at Las Vegas. We are a perfect example. A visionary was able to make a spark that grew into a great American city. With more visionaries like Mr. Siegel we would not need to stuff hundreds of 1000's of people into one structure. After all, what happens when the elevators are out of service?

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