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June 30, 2008



Great post, Garrett...and if you live close enough to public transportation you can give up your car altogether and save up to another $600.00/month, minus car payment, maintenance and insurance; now that there are options to using a car like the new rent by the hour cars (that include gas) it's possible to do.


thanks Kim...great points!

Homes for sale

Wow, that is an amazing looking house in the pictur. Where did you get it from?

Smart Equity

It is high time we start saving money and time by moving closer to work.

Matt Nixon

This is a huge issue in my business; we work in the service industry where we have to make trips to customer’s homes. We used to have our employees drive to work first and the go back out and start their regular route for the day. We now route everything from our employee’s homes so they don’t have to travel to the office first. By doing this we have saved close to 3% on our fuel costs.


Matt, great story! I think we need to rethink how we do things, especially when it comes to our energy consumption. Kudos to you and your team for thinking about new ways to run your business. That move is healthy on the environment and on your P&L.

Pacific Heights Real Estate

Really great story. If that's your house then I am incredibly jealous.


Wondering it is looks amazing.

new houses for sale Philippines

The house looks familiar with me, I think I saw this before, I don't know if in the movie or what, but that house was nice.


Dubai Property

Wondering it is looks amazing. I really enjoyed what you had to say. Keep going because you definitely bring a new voice to this subject. Not many people would say what youve said and still make it interesting. Well, at least Im interested. Cant wait to see more of this from you.

Just Shut Up and Buy The House

Fantastic article and very true. Commuting using mass transit as opposed to using your own vehicle is so important. When my real estate training students talk to their buyers that is one of the main fields of focus they talk about when shopping for a home.

The commute, the gas prices, the wear and tea on the vehicle, car insurance and so on and so forth.

If there is a convenient commuter train or bus that can get the person to work and back they would just have to factor in the cost of the trip, and nine times out of ten they will save money using the commute. Some families can take out that second car altogether depending on their circumstances.

In a greener world that most are striving for today it is definitely a good idea to research your commute first and weigh all the options before committing to a home purchase.

William Tribe

The cost of public transport is getting expensive also. Cyclings probably the best option.


Great story. Im so glad people recognize that this is happening. We are building way too big and for no reason.

I started a company dedicated to combating needless suburban sprawl- "Greenplan" offering green house plans to people who dont want to build "Mcmansions". www.greenplanhomes.com

We offer the most holistic green house plans on the web- and at affordable prices- but above all, our designs are just smaller, more efficient and cheaper to operate. I would love to hear your comments about what im doing.

curtis johnson realty

People nowadays are more practical in terms of buying homes and all. They wanted their place to near their workplace or the school of their kids. This will be less costly because of the cost incurred for transportation and for gas. Well, we really have to be very thrifty because of the kind of economy we have right now. Great article and thanks a lot for sharing it.

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renewable energy sources aren't advanced enough to meet energy demands efficiently.


Pickens has made a huge bet in this area and is a smart investor with a good track record, so wind power is worth considering investing in. Of course, not all of us own wind farms, but you can find a Green or Socially Responsible Investment Advisor at www.claroconnect.com to help you look at alternative energy funds or more in-depth investments.


You know, I got ticked off about gas prices and went out to do something about it - now I don't worry too much. There's a membership club called FillerUp Club that works like Sam's Club or Costco. You buy your gas normally, and monthly you get 50% refunded back to you! It's been up and running since last Spring, and paying Rebates like clockwork. Here's a blog I put some additional information on about it: http://GasHalfPriced.com

Las Vegas Foreclosures

It's everyone's choice to move.. Great article.. Keep up!

Jenny Bridges

Thats a good way to do it in my opinion!

Texas  Land  Sales

Wow, its great! we can be a help our environment.

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