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June 27, 2008


used digger trucks

About three years ago I decided to build my own home instead of hiring the expensive contractors. It was actually quite easy, even with my limited knowledge of construction. I am just thankful that I had the bucket truck handy because my pick up couldn’t cut it.

real estate in Philippines

Building your dream house is one of a big success for yourself. Wish I could build my own home someday and here we live my family until our last breath, but before all of this, I will search my future wife first. LOL

Deirdre Gonzales


Franchie Rehwald, with outstanding architectural support demonstrated practical savvy by recycling major components of a retired Boeing 747 to create a unique and green design. My interest is to take the concept in a slightly different direction - use the whole airframe. To test the idea, I looked at Trade-A-Plane online to get a sense of what end-of-life 747's fetch. I found 200 series combi with main deck side cargo door for $4.5 million. The seller states the engines are worth more than the asking price. The key then is to locate acceptable property adjacent to an airport of sufficient capability to withstand the landing weight of a 747, no easy task as the aircraft can weigh upwards of 400,000 lbs. the concept is to ferry the jet to the airport, remove the engines (for sale) and tow to the adjacent property. The interior presents an impressive challenge to convert into a home. Such basics as electrical power, air handling and plumbing take on complex ramifications as one is dealing with a completely sealed vessel, with systems designed for the extreme regime found at 40,000 ft. I am interested in talking with those with similar interest. Using the entire airframe in this way, possibly going solar seems a worthy approach to recycling large aircraft such as the 747.

Jordan Retro 12

A man is not good or bad for one action. We should communicate in-depth understanding of one's personality.

Nike Shox Deliver

Life is filled with lots of pleasure as long as we live comfident. Your blog brings me some changes about the concept of living.

Nike Shox Deliver

Your blog is very interesting. It is says that: living without an aim is like sailing without a compass. First, we must make sure our goal no matter what we do.

Jordans 5

"No difference in the past, non-attachment the future, do not play on the now. Anju now, and happy to live the moment", which Buddhist Feeling deep sentence, which fell heart, the mind immediately let me have far-reaching everywhere cool.

ugg classic cardy

No matter how bad the situation it is! If you insist on, tomorrow is another day! Did you agree with me?

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