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July 12, 2008



I will try to get some pictures of these "bumps" set up around the city while I am here.

Kevin D

I also heard that at some point, they will hold a quickie auction for that space.

Sarasota Wedding Photographer

i wonder what it would go for

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Dubai Property

Yes - express service with limited stops AND the full route with all the stops. Like the "Skokie Swift" in Chicago. If the tracks and plans are going to be laid then accomdations for both express and local service should be inlcuded.


parking sensors



Now thats something which i call a genuine technology. I have heard a few months back about this kinda of technology for parking on the discovery channel.


The hope here is that guided parking becomes part and parcel of a next generation of services for citizens,” Yusuf said. “That in seven to ten years, people will look at you funny when you say you used to have to drive around looking for a space.
Parking Sensors

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talk about current scenario then it is must be update. it i sa dog !

Maui Vacation Rentals

Wow, what will they think of next? I am all for anything that eases congestion and makes parking in cities easier.

Texas  Land  Sales

Its great. Now I know on how to park safely,

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