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July 03, 2008


Tissa G

Nice post! Im try to convert the world to windpower - Save the world, check: http://windpowerdiy.blogspot.com/


Wind energy isn't worth the problems. It also is only good when the wind blows. Geothermal is a much more viable option.

chester jacob

Some amazing facts about Wind Power…

Myth #1 Wind turbines are very noisy. This is not true at all. In fact wind turbines are very quiet. The truth is your kitchen refrigerator may make more noise than these wind turbines.

Myth #2 Your Wind Turbine will affect your television.. This is not true as well. I will teach you where to place your turbine in order not to have this happen. With the right tools and instructions you will be an expert in no time, not to mention watching your favorite TV. show.

Myth #3 Wind Turbines don’t really produce enough power. In fact Wind Turbines can produce upwards of 85% power 24/7. Not even your power company produces 100% of power 24 hours a day.

don bartell

i was amazed about this wind turbines at home and i like it very much..try it also..


gerry thompson


Domestic wind turbines are starting to show up in folks backyards just like you and me, plus they are starting to be seen all over the country. Some people are starting to understand all of the benefits of installing and setting up their own domestic wind turbine. This alternative is also used by business, renewable energy is not only good for the environment but, also it’s less denting on the pocketbook when the time comes to pay the monthly electric bill. With the fluctuation of the economy and the total chaos of fuel prices, it’s easy to see why some people are looking for a little security whether it be with there own built turbines or used wind turbines.

Listed are some of the benefits of Domestic wind turbines

Eliminating your dependence on the power company and saving money is a major advantage.

You will have the security of knowing that if something happens to the grids in your area, you will still have electricity for your family and you, today some of the power grids around outdated and obsolete.

When you supply your own clean energy, it simply means that much less fossil fuels will not have to be burned in order to supply electricity. Future generations and global warming is obvious for this type of project, this is a positive factor for the planet.

chester jacob

We have been using electricity our entire lives. We use it at home, at the office and at school. Everywhere we go, electricity plays a big role.

This is perhaps one of the biggest businesses around today. But lately, electricity cost in on the rise.

why not try wind power to save money..and go green..


don bartell

i've enjoyed reading your articles and it is good now a days to switch on going green and maintain the cleanliness of the environment.. Free courses on how to build a home windpower network:http://www.windpowercost.org THANKS

chester jacob

if you are interested in learning exactly how to generate power and reduce your bill then this is the perfect resource for you!


Bucket Trucks USA

WHOA!!! I hope nobody got hurt!!!

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well done, that's what i call A REAL BLOG!!!
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V. Alucard

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Bummer. Even as we try to keep the environment somehow everything goes down for us and destroyed anyhow.
I just have to say that good that so far we only invented an electric and Hybrid cars, and not a car by solar or wind energy, we should be careful with these things:)


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With the right tools and instructions you will be an expert in no time, not to mention watching your favorite TV. show.

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Future generations and global warming is obvious for this type of project, this is a positive factor for the planet.

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What a terrible news!

wind generator

wind generator
A vertical turbine picks up wind from all directions. Magnetic suspension minimises frictional drag. Large mass maximises the flywheel effect.

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Creditors 4 have better memories than debtors . haaa


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Ohh my God...its scary...Does this thing really was revolving in such a speed or was this video in fast forward?

pro series

Is this video real? This thing is kinda dangerous.

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You cannot underestimate nature.

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