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August 20, 2010



i wanna live in that it's so cool!

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On the contrary a grid is an excellent way of spreading out the variable output from all forms of RE including Wind Farms.
The grid is designed to cope with (and often does) sudden shut downs from our larger conventional power stations units, which are typically 600MW in size.
I find it helpful to also consider the peaks and troughs experienced by our grid during for example commercial tv breaks during world cup football games. In the UK we have experienced power surges of as much as 3000MW in 5 minutes, which is as big as some of our largest conventional power stations!
By comparison, our largest wind farms in the UK are some 100MW in size and the output varies slowly over several hours, not minutes, as they are situated normally in very exposed, sometimes offshore, locations.
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Emily Goetz

This year is FSC's 6th Annual Design & Build with FSC Awards, recognizing excellence in the use of FSC materials in both residential and commercial/institutional design and construction!

Check it out or submit at: http://www.fscus.org/green_building/award.php.

Deadline is Friday, Sept. 17th!!


The construction enables an optimal progress of the biochemical processes, as the process specific parameters are in the system itself (moisture, temperature, bacteria tribes etc.)...


The construction enables an optimal progress of the biochemical processes, as the process specific parameters are in the system itself (moisture, temperature, bacteria tribes etc.)...

Commercial building

Is this Architectural design made in AutoCad....?
Well whatever .... but its really a great pice of work in 3D.

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I want to go into the field of architecture, but I don't exactly know what school to go to I live in NY. Im planning on going to RPI in upstate, but it takes like 8 1/2 years to graduate with a masters, but i don't know. Im in 10 grade right now.



Organic exterior

Simply love the projected work. Looks cool and seems environmental beneficial.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dolxfld6uQE Does it really withstand all the environmental conditions. If its constructed as intended and refrains everything then i'd like to live here.

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Its a great step towards prefab construction. We need to implement this in the field of construction.


we actually have to do a lot more than just looking at this like to a cool ideea..see all the biochemical processes, pollution and the things that damage the nature, from a GREEN point of view!

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Thank you for this blog. That's all I can say. You most definitely have made this blog into something that's eye opening and important.


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I really appreciate you coming up with this article.

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We should be putting those up in every major city. Todays home are built so poorly and with little regaurd for the environment.

Edward Wynn, (Wind power enthusiast)


I can't get grass to grow on my lawn less alone the side of a building... and how the hell an I suppose to mowe that!

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Well that's definitely an interesting structure to be sure, I can't imagine living inside of it though.

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I must say that your post is very interesting! Investing i green accommodations is smart in every way- you can rent the apartment in a higher price due to the low bills the tenets will receive for example. The upsides are so many they are hard to count!!

Shipping Pro Taylor

WOW!!! These are really great looking houses! I'd love to live in one, any idea how hot or cold it could get inside it?

Heather Alternative Energy

The house is cool but the average Joe doesn't need to go that far to live green Coverting a home to solar or wind power is not as expensive as some think, it can be done on your own, and what expense you do incurr will be returned 10 fold in the energy savings. Do it yourself alternative energy http://alternativeenergy2012.weebly.com/

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The construction enables an optimal progress of the biochemical processes i want join it.
Thanks for post.

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I love our house now and with two young girls I'm not about to live in an apartment again

Frank Zweegers

Interesting architecture.

Roofing Florida

What an interesting looking structure. I wonder how practical it is though.

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