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August 20, 2010


red bull hats

I wonder how practical it is though.

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What an interesting looking structure. I wonder how practical it is though.

Swift PAT

Intresting information. Your website as been bookmarked. I will check back for future updates.


I built a radio station in Africa using a 40' high-cube, and assumed we would replace it soon afterward with a brick building.
Exterior embelishments however actually made it blend nicely into the buildings around it, and the staff actually want to keep the container. We may compromise and surround it with the mud bricks that bring it a great deal more energy efficiency. Love the design.

ayala land premier

great design for a mobile home, hope you could upload larger images next time so we can see the plans more clearly :)

Urban Interest

Great architecture! Unfortunately not for every area..


WOW, cool house...
Thank you, I like your blog and you do have a great site.





weird vacations

Wow! I have Never seen This kind of Cottage...Really!!! i am amazed:) Keeeeepp it Up!

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